Elementaudio was established by Kieron Wolfson in 2004 to provide post production sound services from concept through script breakdown, to final mix and deliveries.


Kieron is an experienced sound professional with extensive credits as a sound recordist and sound designer in feature film drama and documentary with a thorough understanding of the audio workflow, from location sound acquistion to sound editorial, with final mix and deliverables. His personal website, highlighting experience in film production sound, is

  • 20 years Pro Tools studio experience

  • Dialogue, Foley & Sound Effects editing

  • Sound Restoration

  • TV & MultiMedia Sound Mix

  • Theatrical Sound Pre Mix

  • Subtractive & Modular Synthesis

  • Field Multitrack Recordings

  • 15 Years Production Sound Recordist for Drama, TV Commercials and Multimedia Broadcast


Please visit the following links for more extensive credits